Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clean Boy Parts....

Remember my last blog? Snow in October? Well, fast forward to today. Sunday, November 8th. It was 70 degrees. Sunny. Nice warm southernly breeze. Same as yesterday. September in November? Why not? We had December in October.

Since it was a beautiful day, and Ollie has been rubbing his gorgeous tail off by molesting his feed bucket, I decided today was the day to clean his Boy Parts. Yes. His Boy Parts. And yes, you do have to do that. How else do they get clean? He does not have opposable thumbs. Or fingers for that matter. And trust me, his boy parts get nasty, dirty, smelly, grungy, argh! Just gross.

So I loaded up with KY Jelly. Okay, it was the Shopko brand, but I honestly think The Boy didn't really care. That left over glove from my hair coloring (I only use one) and I got The Girl to give me an old pair of knee socks that she no longer wears, since I guess knee socks are no longer cool.
I set to work. Olliver kept giving this look. You know the look. Your significant other may have given it to you at some point in your relationship. That "what in the hell do you think you are doing down there." Followed by the, " step away from Mr. Winkie and I will forget you were down there" look. Followed by the, "Oh my, Mommy...whatever it is you are doing, it's ALL GOOD!"... I felt like I was molesting my son. He got the cross-eyed, lop-eared, goofy grin look. Okay....I think Mr. Winkie is clean and my mission is complete.

Anyway, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that this is a twice-a-year job. Not a weekly, monthly or even quarterly task. While far from being the worst thing I've ever done....well, let's just say there are other things I'd like to spend my time with The Boy doing.

And no, there are no pictures of my arm up to my elbow in Olliver's nether regions. Sorry to disappoint.