Saturday, December 27, 2008

Introduction - Part 2

Merry Christmas!!!

Before I pick up where I left off, I'd like to say hello to Kari, my sorority sister, who let me know through Facebook that she has read my blog and is waiting for more - so I feel better, knowing that this blog is not just cyberjunk sitting in space alone and unviewed :) beautiful Tuesday in October - Mikayla, Traci and our friend Andrea (who recommended LaDel to me) headed out to Kenyon to meet LaDel and her herd. I was speechless. I found myself surrounded by 20 or so of the most beautiful horses. Now, remember, I'm a big girl. I'm tall. I'm 6 foot 2. These horses TOWERED over me. Most were well over 16 hands. And every single one was kind. I mean kind in the way that made you want to put them in your pocket and take them home to snuggle. They wanted to be hugged - and they hugged you back. Standing off to the side was a little colt. Just as cute as he could be. He had a little cough. He was smaller than the other colts, even though he was the same age as the rest.

LaDel explained to me that he had a rough start in life. His mama had been leased to a man who wanted to breed her off of her foal heat - so she was sent late in her pregnancy to his farm. He kept her separate from his other horses in a fenced off lane between pastures. When she foaled (right next to an electric fence) the baby rolled under the fence and was separate from mom. He couldn't nurse, wasn't licked dry and was most likely run over by other horses. When LaDel got the call that Holy Choice had foaled, she rushed out to the leaser's farm. Poor mama had a full bag of milk and the baby was in a bad way. She immediately took mom and baby back home with her. She hand milked mom and bottle-fed the colostrum to the baby. That wasn't the end of the colts problems. He had injured his eye, and had a scar on his eye. Literally on the eye-ball. His value was immediately diminished. Then, a few months later, the colt's mama lost her milk and the colt had to be weaned earlier than usual. Poor, poor baby.

Mikayla walked up to the colt. She hugged him. He leaned into her. She was lost. I went over to him. He let me tickle his belly. Pick up his feet. Pull his tail. He looked at me and sighed. I was lost. Mik and I had a little talk. We decided at that moment that this poor little boy was going to be ours. LaDel told us his name was Dealer. Okay. The name had to go. Not a problem. I doubt he was all that attached to it. We'd just think of something better...

We didn't get to meet the colt's mama. She was at another farm for breeding/lease. LaDel took us across the farm to meet Dealer's daddy. Holy Frijoles Batman!!! OMG!!! This stud is GORGEOUS!!!!

Yep...this is Geramiah. Olliver's daddy. Isn't he AMAZING??? He is a total babe. And he is soooooo gentle. Quiet as a lamb. Deep, soul-searching eyes. You just wanna put him in your pocket and take him home to snuggle. Yep, yep. This big boy is all Friesian...

So anyway, we talked with LaDel and shook hands and little Dealer was all ours. We got a grand deal. Suddenly we were horse owners. I was scared to death...

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