Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work Monday...

Back-to-work-after-1o-days-of-vacation-Monday today. Reminded me of why I hate being a supervisor. Wish people could just follow the rules and not have to push their limits all the time. My daughter is more mature some days. Why oh why can't I win the lottery so I can spend every day playing with Olliver and the other critters?????

So I guess I owe you a report on sheath cleaning. I hope you did your homework and read the article "Meet Mr. Hand." Well, I hate to disappoint you're not going to get one. There take that! Heh. Just kidding. I really don't have much to tell you because I didn't have to do it :) Traci, bless her sweet heart, was the one that stuck her hand and forearm up into Tubby's nether regions...poor woman. He was a good sport about it all and got lots of treats and lovin'. He even got his favorite peppermints for being such a good boy. He's still swollen, but no longer walking like he's got a stick shoved up somewheres...

While Tubby was eating his peppermints, Olliver was just sure that he needed some too. He'd lip one up from my hand....his eyes would bug out, he'd toss his little head around and spit the peppermint out. It was hysterical. He finally decided after trying a couple that I must be trying to poison him, and he took off, rip-snorting around the corral.

We kept Tubby in with Olliver for a couple of days. They get along great! Lots of playing going on...very cute. It will be really interesting to see how the social dynamics in the herd change once Dancer and Shadow are gone...which could be as soon as this coming Saturday.
The best part of vacation was all of the time that I got to spend with Olliver. I took him for long walks down the road and back every day. Traci came along with Tubby on New Years Day. We did lots of groundwork. He is such a smart kid. And he tries so hard to figure out just what I want from him and wants to please me so much. I can tell he thinks about his lessons too, because the next time we work, he just that much better at his exercises. He remembers what he if I have to go a few days between working with him, he doesn't lose what he's learned. He is just an absolute joy!

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