Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holy Shiz-nit!

I need to vent. Seriously vent. It's so freakin' cold...I mean ridiculouly, inappropriately cold. Cold enough to make me question my sanity as to why I live here. It's supposed to -26 degrees in the morning. That's below zero, folks. And without factoring in the windchill. That's cold enough to freeze your fingers off in about 0.2 seconds. I can't stand this. I haven't seen Olliver since Saturday night. It's just too cold to risk the drive out to the farm - and we've had snow this week too. - so the roads are crappy. I'm satisfied just to make it back and forth to work everyday. UGH! I honestly cried this morning before I left for work. I'll probably have to take a valium just to get myself to leave the house in the morning.

On the bright's supposed to be close to 30 degrees ABOVE zero on Sunday. That's a 50 degree temperature swing to the positive. I can suck it. It will get better. (yeah...just keep telling yourself that...)

I put a pot of decaf on when I got home tonight....already curled up in bed with the cats. They are sooooooo snuggly when it's cold like this. I swear I'm moving south when this economy straightens out. I just can't take these Minnesota winters anymore.

GRRRRRR.....or should I say, BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! If you don't hear from me in the next week, send out the search party with the big furry dogs with the barrels of brandy :)

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