Monday, March 23, 2009


I meant to post this last Thursday, but hit Save instead of Publish. I blame the Vicodin...

Last Sunday (3/16) was gorgeous. T and I had plans to ride together, but due to family obligations, I ended up staying behind, while T went to HayCreek with CA. When I got to the farm, I saddled up Talon. He was flighty...dancing and spooking while I was saddling him. I took it easy at first...just riding around the corral. He was responding well, so I opened the gate and took him into the back paddock. Once we got to the back of the paddock, the wind started blowing...not sure if that was all that spooked him, but he spun around and took off like someone lit a firecracker under his butt. I lost my balance in the saddle and was hanging off the left side. Managed to pull myself up, but over-corrected, lost my stirrups and was then hanging from the right side - just as he hit the right side of the paddock- - with the T-post and hot wire. I hit my head on a T-post and down I went, right under his hooves. I got zapped by the hotwire a couple of times on my way down too. It was a couple of minutes before I could move...and about 10 minutes before Bryce heard me. 911 was called and off to TWFMC I went. I broke my C-1 vertebrae, my L2-L4 vertebrae have minor fractures and I have 11 staples putting my scalp back together. The trauma team that stapled my head up had to scrape green paint off of my skull when they cleaned up the wound (thankfully they put me under in the OR for that). I broke 2 teeth. I have a really painful, nasty contusion on my right flank/hip from where Talon stepped on me. As well as other miscellaneous bumps, bruises, etc.

I spent two days in the hospital...and I'm home now. I'm feeling a little better everyday. But I'm afraid that this blog is going to turn into "Olliver Grows While I Sit on My Butt at Home Unable to Go Anywhere or Do Anything"....UGH!!!!


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