Friday, April 3, 2009


I'm getting better. Much, much better. So much so, that if it wasn't for this darn cervical collar, I could almost forget that I crash landed off of Talon almost 3 weeks ago. I do get to see the spine doctor on Tuesday. He still wants to wait until 6 weeks out from the accident to take new x-rays, but I'm hoping to get reprieve from the collar. It sucks. Big time. It's uncomfortable. It makes me itch. It's hard to wash my hair properly. Or my face. I'm breaking out like a 14 year old. I can't drive, so I'm stuck in the house, waiting and hoping for one of my friends to come pick me up for an outing....again, like a 14 year old. ARGH!

On the bright side...I got out to the farm last week to see Olliver. It was very emotional for me. I cried. I missed my boy tons and tons. I got to brush him and gave everyone treats. Even Talon. Bastard.

One of the girls from work came to pick me up today. She took me to my favorite yarn store. SMILE. I got some new stuff for the stash. Came home and knitted a calorimetry head band for Mikayla. She picked out some fantastic banana yellow wool. Finished already. She loves it. SMILE. I feel like I've accomplished something.

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