Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to The Boy....

It's The Boy's birthday. He's one year old today! He's growing into such a nice looking horse. As he sheds out his baby and winter coat, he's turning into a black mealy - which I love, love, love.

T and I moved the horses to a new boarding facility in April (we basically got kicked off of the farm she was renting after my accident). I love the new place. We've got an indoor arena, two outdoor arenas, a round pen, an indoor wash stall, trails for riding. Olliver has a run in shed in his paddock. He was turned out with Shadow, but pulled up lame with heat in his knee a week and a half ago, so we pulled Shadow out so he could heal. He just feels this overwhelming need to try to run around on three legs on keep hurting himself. So we took his buddy away to slow him down a bit. Dork. Kids. He's doing nicely now.

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