Saturday, October 24, 2009 October???

Okay. I think it has already been established, but I. Hate. Winter. I hate it. I hate being cold. I hate being housebound. I hate waking up in the dark, driving to work in the dark, and coming home from work in the dark. It severely limits my barn time. I have to put the fishing gear away. I get cranky (just ask the girls at work). I hate to whine about stuff that I have no control over, and do choose to live in Minnesota, the god forsaken country of 5 months of winter...but seriously....

As much as I hate winter - I love fall. Crisp days. Sweatshirt weather. Pretty trees and trout streams. Trail rides where the ponies don't get hot, sweaty and lazy.

October usually means the good stuff. Fishing. Trail rides. Snuggly sweatshirts and hot toddies in the evenings. Apples.

This was scene from my front door yesterday afternoon:

Uh huh. Yup. That would snow. On October 23rd. Almost 4 inches of the white crap by the time it was done snowing last night. It is all melting today. Sun is shining today. Not that it makes me feel any better. 'Cuz it's just a bitch slap of reality from Mother Nature that I really don't need right now. I've got enough other crap going on in my life - between TWFMC shtuff and ex-asshat sperm donor harrassing my daughter, I just didn't need a freakin' October blizzard.

Breathing deep....putting on boots...heading to The Barn...


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