Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday, Perfect Sunday...

I spent 4 hours at The Barn today. Perfect day. The Boy was perfect. Completely, absolutely perfect. Well, except for the session with the spray bottle, but everyone can have bad moments.

Olliver was WAY OUT BACK in the pasture. Which meant I had to hike halfway out to get him. Once he can see/hear me, he'll come right in, but with the wind and traffic, he can't hear me when he's WAY OUT BACK. He was taking his sweet old time coming though, so I told him to pick it up and turned around and started walking back in. Next thing I knew - hoofbeats....he was running to catch up with. Good Boy, Olliver.

Olliver worked today. I haven't been able to really work with him in several weeks. We have had small groundwork ("good boy") lessons...but no lunging or anything. Today, he got the whole shebang. I told him during his prework groom that he was gonna work today. I think he knew what I meant, cuz he got real serious. He likes to work.

We started out with some groundwork....flexing, backing, moving fronts and backs....just to loosen up and get focused. Then on went the lunge line. He was perfect. He worked completely off of verbal commands. Well, except for "whoa". He understands "whoa". Just not a lunge line. It's way too much fun to keep going in a circle around Mom to stop. When he does "whoa" - he thinks that means it's time to come to me for love. We're working on it. I was just really pleased that he actually walked on verbal command and transitioned between walk and trot on verbal command. Lunging time is short. As much as he loves it.....he's got soft bones and growing joints. No more than 5 minutes in each direction for my Boy.

Then I got out the spray bottle. That evil, horse-eating monster. Not fun. He was sure that thing was going to get freaked out as he gets by the spray bottle - jumping around, running around me in circles, impersonating Lippizzaner Stallions, he never runs me over, bumps into me or anything. He's oh so careful not to hurt his Mom. Good Boy, Olliver.

I threw his saddle pad all over him....very little reaction. Much, much better than the last time. (YEA!!!!)

After that it was time for fun. I always end work sessions on a good note. I got out his big rubber ball...and the barrels....and we ran around them....he admired himself in the mirrors....he got to run, and buck and fart. Then he pooped. Poor Olliver. He hates to poop inside. He doesn't even poop in his "house" (his run in shelter in his pasture). He hates to be dirty (only rolls in his sand pit). He's very fastidious. Almost snobby about being clean. And he pooped inside. He got the most disgusted look on his face. I got the fork and cleaned up....and followed me around and then trotted off happy as could be once the poop was gone. An odd one, my Boy is.

Once the work and play were done and he had a second grooming, I hand walked/grazed him around the lanes between the pastures. Just quiet bonding with The Boy. Ahhhhhh.....perfect - so perfect that I will not think about my return to TWFMC in the morning...

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